A new way of learning

To our students: Classes in literature and art will be postponed due to the COVID 19 virus until further notice. Watch for our email when it is appropriate to re-schedule. Thank you, and stay well, Rochelle & Sabina

In 1986 Rochelle Diamond and Sabina Green found themselves searching for an academic venue where they could explore learning in a variety of subjects at a university level. At that time there were few choices for such learning. They were hoping for something small, more intimate and yet not sacrificing the very real talent that our Toronto academic institutions offered. Ultimately after searching, they decided to create such a school themselves. Kaleidoscope: A New Way of Learning began with three courses and now many years later offers 6-8 courses each year as well as a number of very special programs. They continue to discover the smartest, most passionate and committed lecturers in Toronto and to offer short semester courses to their students. These professors, with rich and deep academic and professional resumes continue to challenge and stimulate Kaleidoscope’s students. These students are the best advertisements for Kaleidoscope and some have been with Kaleidoscope since its first year. They encourage their friends to come and join in the relaxed and stimulating atmosphere of the classes. All in all – it is a successful endeavor that has proven satisfying to all.

Rochelle Diamond 416.781.0429
Sabina Green 416.481.7734